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Tracking Number
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Frequently asked questions
I haven't received my package, what should I do?
If you have a tracking number, you can use our Track & Trace system to see where your package currently is.
If you do not have a tracking number please contact us to obtain it.
If your shipment does not have a tracking number, you cannot track it with our Track & Trace system.
If you can no longer track your package on Track & Trace and have not yet received it, you can file a complaint.
I see on the Track & Trace platform that my package is in the parcel sorting center. Can I pick it up there?
Unfortunately, we do not accept pick-ups from our warehouses. We sort all packages automatically and are unable to retrieve individual packages from the sorting process. Once the sorting process is complete, we will have your package sent out to you as soon as possible.
Why did I receive a 'pick-up' email form regarding a missed package even though I was home to receive the package?
A sender can choose to send a package with the "collect" option. This means that you can always pick up the package at the post office. You will be informed where and when you can collect your package via letter, SMS, or e-mail.
You likely also receive a 'pick-up' email form, even if you were at home. This means that we tried to deliver the package to you the day before, but you were not home to receive it. The day following our attempted delivery, we will inform you of the attempted delivery date in addition to where and when you can collect your package.